Global Mapper v24.0

How to change line colors in DXF file

I would like to change colors of lines, but save color differences, between buildings, routes boundaries etc. Same Style, or Random Colors is not proper solution. I attached DXF file in .rar file. Any ideas?


  • sphillips
    Answer ✓
    Personally I would organise the DXF into layers first to amke it easier to work with:

    1. (Right-click Layer > SPLIT)

    To add the DXF line colours to the style attributes and edit the colours:

    1. Select everything with the Digitizer Tool
    2. Right-click > Attribute/Style Functions > Add Style Attributes to Selected Feature(s)
    3. Select the layer to edit > Options
    4. Line Styles tab
    5. Apply Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values
    6. Select LINE_COLOR from the list
    7. Init From Values (the colours used for that layer are displayed)
    8. You can use Edit Style to alter a selected colour from the list. You could instead override the style using 'Use Same Style for All Features'.

    You don't have to split the DXF into layers but personally I would find it easier to organise and control what's going on. If you don't split it you can still do as above but will end up with a large number of colours listed and that might be confusing or difficult to work with.
  • Thank you! That's seems to work. At least for smaller data sets. For huge area I couldn't select all vectors, as Global Mapper can not handle this <span>:smile:</span> 
    But after all I tested all on smaller area, saved style to file, and then open it for whole set. So it looks good. 

    Now I have problem with exporting it to Google Tiles, as without save vector function all tiles are blank. When save vector is selected, Global Mapper is not responding after creating first empty tiles folder...