How do I export the National Map Web maps

albud1962albud1962 Global Mapper UserPosts: 26Trusted User

I am trying to export a sections of the nationalmap tile to a geotiff. The export file is blank when I try to rereference in GM?

Can you export the national map tiles?



  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 439Trusted User
    There are many layers of data available. 
    Your link provides the layer that you are working with, so that helps. 
    You have not mentioned the resolution of the file that you are exporting. 

    When exporting to GeoTIFF with a resolution of 2m, I also wind up with a blank file.
    All pixels are white when I look at the file in Photoshop.  The filesize is about 1mb.
    Unfortunately, the time required to generate this file is appropriate, but without good results.

    When exporting with a resolution of 4m, the file appears as expected with layer data. 
    The filesize is 36mb (larger than the 2m file). 

    So there appears to be a resolution limit that is not easily determined, except by experimentation. 

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