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GM can't open Alaska DLGs

EvanThoms Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I am trying to open DLGs for Alaska that you can download from here:

When I just unzip and drop the file in, I have to first pick the format from a list (I'm choosing DLG-O), but then I get the error that GM can't read the header and loading will abort. 

If I open the file in a text editor and strip out all of the line-end characters, I get closer. I still have to pick from a list (even after giving it an .opt extension) but then GM can't read the ground unit parameter and it can't figure out what projection to use, so it aborts. 

DLGs with the .opt extension from other parts of the country downloaded from EarthExplorer work fine, but I can't quite figure out how to edit the headers of the DLGs from Alaska to make them work.

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