Global Mapper v24.0

Exported CIB imagery will not display in Falcon View

Hi, I was hoping for some help:

I have downloaded tif imagery from Digital Globe and am trying to convert it to CIB imagery to work in FalconView (FV).  I have been successful with this process exporting it to CADRG files, but not CIB.  My current process is:

1) Import  TIF file into GM (already rectified)

2) Export to CADRG/CIB/RPF option

3) Select desired settings for export (CIB 1 meter/other producer)

4) export files

5) Map files in FV. 

FV recognizes the presence of maps and in the Map Data Manager it shows they are present, though when I scroll in to view them they will not display.  The output folder looks the same as the maps that I have from the NGA (structure, file extensions, and size).  Is there a setting I'm missing?  Again, everything works fine exporting to a CADRG and getting it to display, just not in a CIB format.

Thank you