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seg-p1 format input error

dsmythe Global Mapper User
When I import a SEG-P1 ASCII text file of UK onshore data the line name is truncated at 3A4 and not 4A4, in other words only cols 2-13 are read and not 2-17. So one series of lines in the survey TER-90-169, for example, the following records:
QTER-90-169-01     2052.0510108.29N0002707.76W 508554.0 125598.9
QTER-90-169-02      202.0505722.66N0002931.08W 505904.6 118572.5
QTER-90-169-10      202.0505707.86N0002146.02W 514986.6 118308.8
are truncated so that lines 01-09 are concatenated into a single line TER-90-169-0, and the last three lines of the survey, 10-12, are similarly concatenated into a single line TER-90-169-1.

Changing the suffix of the file from .sp1 to .sp190 or .seg makes no difference. The SP plotting (British grid, new OSGB datum) is accurate. Just the line names are wrong, and the several different lines are joined by annoying vertices.

I realise that my version of GM is rather old (14.2); I am about to buy the newest version, but am waiting till I have upgraded my desktop PC this summer, to avoid hassles with re-registering my copy.

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