Global Mapper v25.0

Batch Process for "Export Mbtile format" for bulk tif images


We have registered copy of Global Mapper 18.02 in our organization. Our question deals with "Batch Process for Export Mbtile format"

We have 300 separate geo-tiff images and we want to convert to "Mbtile" format ,right now manually converting each image is works ,but is their any automatic script /batch processing tool available for this ?

Checked on google as well as previous post but not getting any perfect answer.

Any help regarding question will be great !!! thanks in advance..


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    You can use the EXPORT_WEB script command in a batch export of MBTiles data.  If you are new to Global Mapper scripting, we have an introductory, prerecorded webinar here.

  • Thanks for your reply I will check and let you know..

    thanks  a lot !!! Your support is appreciated !!!