Opening workspaces containing LAS files slow

Version: 18.2
OS: Windows10-64
We are working with workspaces that contain 20-25 LAS files. The files range in size up to 15gb.

If we close Global Mapper, it takes a very large amount of time to re-open the saved workspace. There is a window that displays 'Running MODIFY_OVERLAY', then it opens a LAS file.  If we create a new workspace and pull the LAS file in, opening times are minimal.  Our current process is to export our work to LAS files on a regular basis, and any time we need to close Global Mapper and/or restart the computer.  We do this instead of just re-opening the workspace due to the amount of time it takes to open a saved workspace. 

Computer is a dual processor Xeon machine, 2 months old, 256GB ram, SSD system drive. Workspace and LAS files are both located on the same SATA drive. This drive is a 8TB WD 'Red' drive.


  • Hello, im having the same Issue, its a 300mb workspace and it has been more than 15 hours loading! Have you found any solution to this??

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