Global Mapper v25.0

Issue loading LiDAR

I've been trying to load a large number of LiDar files into GlobalMapper, both .las and .laz, and I've been getting an issue where the LiDAR module is unable to determine the overlay type for the LiDAR files it's trying to load. It then gives me the "select overlay type" box, where I scroll down to the "LIDAR LAS/LAS (ASPRS) Format" option and select it. An error then appears:

"Error loading <file path>\AL_BlountCo_2010_000027.laz
Unable to open file for use with LASzip.
LidarLasOverlay.cpp - 1517
Version: v15.1.6 (64-bit)
Build Time: Feb 25 2014 00:13:57"

I've looked and been unable to find a description of exactly what the error is (and I don't have the source code for it, so I can't check what the line number is indicating). Does anyone know what is going on?

The LiDAR in question is a large group of LiDAR files downloaded from here:

I can confirm that the many of the files do load and work fine; I am unsure what is causing the error for these ones. Any help is greatly appreciated.