Downloading Imagery as DXF or DWG

Is it possible for one to use the imagery in global mapper to produce features that can be used in autocad. Especially the roads and buildings. Can they be exported from global mapper as polygons in a format recognisable by autocad


  • I don't know much but I do this frequently. I export the raster image reference after defining a box frpm Global Mapper..
    Then, in AutoCad I insert the raster image reference. To gain the proper scale, I enter the export bounds which properly locates the picture in the CAD in the proper scale - if they are both on the same coordinate system.. Then, I manually trace the features. It may be easier to move the photo over in ortho a known amount - say exactly 1000 units. Trace it there, the drag it over.
    This is not automatic, but probably can be performed in less than 10 minutes.

    It is best to do the drafting in CAD since it is easier than in GM.

  • Jeff254Jeff254 Posts: 8
    Okay. Yeah. Currently using Manual Digitization. Was looking for a faster and accurate way pf Digitization
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