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Measure from multiple points

I have a raster image of a golf course with about 500 vector points representing sprinkler heads. Each golf hole has about 30 points, is there a way to measure each point to a fixed location on the golf green and add that measurement as an attribute to the point?


  • I would use excel or similar for this. First add a new point in every area you want to measure from which the distances will be measured. Then export to csv the points inside one area. open the csv and add a column with the coordinates of the newly added point. In a new column calculate the distance from each point (=sqrt(x^2+y^2+z^2)).
    Now save to csv so only the values will be kept, open it again and delete the extra point column so you have x,y,z,distance columns only. Import back in GM using the 4th column as attribute. 
    Best regards
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