Clearing isolated point noise


I have a MLS that uses a Faro 12o as the scanner and produces pointclouds that have rows of data perpendicular to the direction of travel with a desity of around 7000pt/m2 at 50klms/hr. I am finding isolated points of noise that are under the surrounding points by up to 1m and are different in GPS time to closest points by 8 seconds. The amount of points maybe 1 to 3 in a square meter and are spread randomly and patches across project. When I AutoClassify for ground the noise points become ground and the points above become unclassified. I have found Bin .15m and Min Ht .1m gives me good results for all areas except those with the noise and have tried Autoclassify Noise with no results. Only way I can fix the issue is by manually selecting. Does anyone have any ideas?
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