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Create straightforward way to search by coordinates

Swoody Global Mapper UserTrusted User
edited June 2017 in Suggestion Box
There is no way to search by coordinates using your 'Search' menu. You can search by address, but putting coords in this field will only give you an approximate (incorrect) address. Not good.  I would like to suggest you add the ability to search by coordinates, under your Search menu. The only way to search by coordinates currently is to create a point with specific coordinates.  It's unintuitive, and an two extra steps if you are simply wanting to find a spot (creating point, then deleting point).

When searching by coords, I would the option to zoom to that area - the coordinates would be the center of the workspace. A temporary visual indicator is a good idea.  I am assuming an empty GM workspace has no geo-reference points until you import content (?), so this is providing you already have some sort of geotagged content in your workspace, so it has something to reference
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