Global Mapper v25.0

How can I set a directory path as a predefined variable through a batch file?

Hi I Need some help.

I've a script with variables witch works fine with unser Inputs like set path etc.

Now I want to pass these variables from Lisp in a .bat file.

Few variable are passed through but the Folder path will not work.

Here is the Code

"C:\Program Files\GlobalMapper16_64bit\global_mapper.exe" "D:\loxzIntern\EDV\_lispDevelopment\_xzTools\ygc\genContFromBat.gms" -DEMFOLDER "D:\Gelaendedaten\DGHM" -SHPFILE "D:\loxzIntern\EDV\_lispDevelopment\_xzTools\ygc\ERST_VERSION\HILFS_CONST\eftRnavWs15Fin-.shp" -CONTINT 26 -PRJINDI 33N -DTMINDI 25m -BUFFERINDI YES -WSNAME D:\loxzIntern\EDV\_lispDevelopment\_xzTools\ygc\ERST_VERSION\HILFS_CONST\eftRnavWs15.gmw