Retain feathering when exporting a DEM

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I' creating a composite DEM from LiDAR (1m resolution) and 10m DEM from the USGS. To soften the discontinuity between the LiDAR and the 10m, I feathered the LiDAR. On the screen, the result looks great, including profiles through the edge of the area covered by LiDAR.

However, when I export the composite DEM, the feathering is not retained and the resultant DEM has a sharp discontinuity along the LiDAR boundary. I've checked and triple checked the order of the surfaces in the layer control manager (10m is at the top of the list above the LiDAR).

Any thoughts on why GM is not retaining the feathering I've applied to my surface data?




  • rreedrreed Global Mapper User Posts: 30Trusted User
    Mike, Bob, or anyone from GM - is this an issue you've seen in the past?

    I'd really appreciate some help/feedback on this question!
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