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How to split adjacent areas into line segments from corner to corner?

sonny Global Mapper UserTrusted User
I'm haveing a .SHP-file consisting of the areas of several adjacent countries. Now I want to convert these areas in to line segments (representing the borderlines between the countries). But each line segment should not be the whole borderline around one country, but just a segement from one corner where 3 countries meet to the next corner where 3 countries meet. (so each of these line segmnets is part of the borderline of exact 2 adjacent countries).

I tried converting the areas into line features, select all lines, Digitizer Tool > Crop,Combine,Split Functions > Insert Vertics and/or split at Intersections.

But the result is not what I want. The borderline between 2 countries is not just split from corner to corner but from each vertex to the next vertex.

Do you have an idea how to reach my goal without the need for manually splitting the lines at each corner and deleting 1 of the 2 identical lines of the adjancent countries borderlines.

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