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Precision of buffered areas

Ellie Global Mapper User
Hi there,

I'm running this technically under a script, but it's also happening in gui mode so under here it goes. Version is 17.2; can provide dongle details if required.

I'm creating a bunch of buffer areas that have to be precisely on the whole metre. I find, though, that when I create a buffer - be it from the little button or LAYER_BOUNDS_EXPAND, it's always up to 35cm or so out (yes, when checking metadata, not just zooming). My original areas are showing up as precisely on the metre. What's happening?

We have a bunch of huge projects coming in that require this not to be happening so help would be very very much appreciated, even if just to see what I am missing.

Alternatively, a way to make elev grids etc line up with the metre is also welcome :)


Best Answer

  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
    Accepted Answer

    I recommend that you contact Blue Marble Geographics Support directly via e-mail ( to resolve this issue.  Please include a detailed description of your workflow and data that they can use to reproduce the problem.  Thanks.



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