How can I export without "Unknown Point Feature"?

Hi. Could someone help me? How can I export files to Google Earth without description "Unknown Point Feature" or how to edit the all markers on Google Earth at once. Best regards.
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  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 69
    In Global Mapper:

    1. Go to Search > Search By Attributes, Name and Description
    2. Check Points and uncheck the others
    3. Use the Select Layer(s) to Search and Search Criteria if required
    4. You should see your attributes in the list
    5. You can use the Edit Select button on single or multiple entries to edit the attribute values.

    You will probably want to edit the <Feature Name> <Feature Type> and <Description>. It is easier to select them all if you wish to duplicate an entire column of values e.g. <Feature Name> <Feature Type>.
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