Extracting polylines from other features

I have a problem extracting a polylines from a dwg file. I only have autocad true viewer so I cant manipulate on it.
Thanks for your help.

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  • geomanniegeomannie Global Mapper User Posts: 171
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    Can you confirm that you actually have GlobalMapper?
  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 68
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    Select the lines with the Digitizer Tool then use Ctrl+C to copy it and Ctrl+V to paste a copy of them. Then choose 'Create New Layer to Paste To'. Enter a name for your new layer e.g. Extracted Polylines, and then your extracted lines will appear on your new layer. You can manipulate the vertices by selecting them with the Digitizer Tool and choosing an appropriate command via right-clicking e.g. Move Vertex, Delete Vertex etc


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