how to turn points into a boundary

This seems like such a simple thing but I can't figure it out. I have a set of shape files loaded into Global Mapper which are points along a boundary in the sea. The points show up as points but I want to see the points joint together to form a boundary. How do I do this?


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    With the digitizer tool, select your points.
    Right-click, select "Create Line Features", then select "Create New Line Feature from Selected Points".
    A line will be drawn through your points. 

    The line will not be drawn through your points in the order they are loaded from your shape file.
    If you need the line to follow the points in a different order, you can do it manually.
    Select the digitizer tool, right click and select "Create Line Features", then select "Create New Line Feature (Vertex Mode)", then click on your points in the order desired. 

    Depending upon the complexity of your set of points, you may be able to export the points to a CSV file and reorder them in a text editor or spreadsheet, save a new file as text or CSV, and import them into Global Mapper as a line that will be drawn in the order the points are loaded. 
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    Thanks so much that is really helpful. I joined the dots wrongly but couldn't undo so deleted the lot and started again. Then added an extra line then accidentally deleted the whole lot. Is there an Undo function?
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    "Deleted" objects are not removed, but simply not displayed.  Ctrl+Shft+D will toggle the display of deleted objects.  While displayed, you can select objects and un-delete them, then toggle the rest back to hidden. 

    Note that when you create a line between points, you can select that line and delete it, leaving your points visible.  Just click on the line to select it, you don't have to select an area around the line (that might include lots of other objects). 

    So, "undo" is a different thought process for GIS data.  A conventional "undo" function in GIS work can get very complicated. 
  • paul999paul999 Posts: 3
    I drew a line joining all the points but I missed out one point. So I want to delete the line that joins point A to point C then draw a line that joins Point A, Point B then Point C. How exactly do I select the line that joins Point A to Point B? It won't select with the digitiser or info tool.
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    It might be easier to insert a new vertex between A and C and then move it to position B. To do this select the line with the Digitizer Tool and then right-click > Insert New Vertex in Selected Feature(s). Then click to manually add the vertex where you want it placed along the line. Now you select the new vertex and right-click > MOVE VTX then click and drag it to your point (Position B). If your snaps are off you can hold down ALT so that it snaps to the vertex.
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    For some reason typing in a B and a right bracket makes an emoji ha ha!! 
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