Export Geotiff as a jpeg, .prj file not working

I have some big Geotiff files that I need to convert down to a small jpeg.  When I first import the .tiff and look at the layer projection, it is in the correct projection.  Without messing with anything I export the file. Under section: Metadata File Formats to Generate, I always have the first 2 checkmarked.  After it is downloaded, I open it up in CAD and it seems like I have lost all the projection data.  Any idea what could have happened?

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,160
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    What CAD program are you using?  Are you certain that it is able to georeference an imported image using a world file and a PRJ file?  Is this something that has worked for you in the past, but is not working now?  



  • wagonersawagonersa Posts: 10
    I figured out the problem.  For some reason the prj was not loading the location data, but when I did the xml.aux it seemed to work just fine, so I will just keep that checked mark.

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