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Assign elevation to all vertex of a line

fgallice Global Mapper User

I was wondering what is the easiest way to assign the same Elevation to all the vertex of a line.

I have done Vertex editing/ Edit Features Vertices/ Add Elevation the problem with that is that I have to select the first and shift last point then press add elev. Is there a short cut key that select all vertices at once

Is there a way to copy an attribute to an elevation, I was not able to export an x,y,z text file with the attribute , I can only export text file with x,y,z and elevation. So I need to create an elevation attribute when I create a feature? Is there a line feature type that has Elevation built in?



  • As long as the line is selected (right click layer > SELECT), when I use Vertex editing >  Edit Features Vertices > Add Elevation I am prompted to add the elevation to all the vertices in one go and do not need to select the vertices on the list. However, if you just want to find another way of selecting the vertices you can drag select them with the Digitizer Tool or drag to select the list itself without shift clicking.

    I have no problems exporting an XYZ text file with the Z values.

    There are options for copying attributes via Attribute/Styling Function > Calculate/Copy Attributes for Feature Selection

    You can use Right Click > EDIT - Edt Line Features to add additional attributes. Click on Add and then create your attribute e.g. ELEVATION and then assign your attribute value. Note: you can check your attribute 'table' via Search > Search by Attributes, Name, Description.

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