exporting TIN file format for MicroStation/Geopak

I have figured out how to convert my DEM data into a TIN format in GlobaMapper 18 (Analysis --> Create Elevation Grid from 3D Vector/Lidar Data).  Once I have my elevation grid and TIN layer, does anyone know how I can then export this TIN into a format I can use in Microstation/Geopak.  Generally in Geopak, you can load contours using a file with the extenstion *.tin.  When I try to export the TIN layer from GlobalMapper, the only thing I see remotely close to a TIN format is a XF 3D/Tin File or Vulcan 3D Triangulation File but when exported gives me an extension of *.dxf which isn't want I am looking for.

Any clues??  Thanks for the help!


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