Change display color of lines and areas which have the same color as the background color.

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I prefer a white background and work a lot with autocad files with object in the color WHITE. AutoCAD renders these objects as black lines on a white background. If I open the file in Global Mapper all the WHITE lines are not visible. Sometimes if all the objects are WHITE then the file looks empty in Global Mapper.

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  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 69
    Hi Joost,

    I know a workaround for switching Area and Line styles from white to black but changing the text colour eludes me. This is achieved by adding the style attributes so that you can use them to access and change the white area and line features. It actually doesn't take long to do:

    1. Right-click the layer > SELECT
    2. Right-click anywhere > Attribute/Style Functions > Add Style Attributes to Selected Feature(s)
    3. Highlight the layer > Options button
    4. Go to 'Area Styles' tab
    5. Choose 'Apply Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values'
    6. Choose BORDER_COLOR from the dropdown
    7. Click 'Init From Values'
    8. Select the style with 'RGB(255,255,255)'
    9. Edit Style
    10. Under 'Border Style' click 'Color...'
    11. Choose Black
    12. OK
    13. Go to 'Line Styles' tab
    14. Choose 'Apply Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values'
    15. Choose LINE_COLOR from the dropdown
    16. Repeat steps 7 to 12

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