Drawing Profile and Topography


I have imported a KML file to Global Mapper. I want to draw the Profile and Elevation topography. How can I do it?


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    By the way, essentially is it possible to import elevations (of a path) from Google earth to Global Mapper?

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    Nobody has an idea?
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    I might be mistaken but I don't believe that Google Earth exports the elevations with the KMZ file. I've seen discussions online of workarounds to submit the point locations to websites that will report back the elevations. A search should point you in the right direction.

    Depending on the accuracy required you could load up terrain for the area e.g. SRTM/Aster, and then apply the elevations from the surface to your path:

    You may need to add additional points to you path as elevations will only be added to your existing vertices:

    1. Select the path with the Digitizer Tool
    2. Right-click
    3. Move/Reshape Feature(s) > Resample/Split Selected Feature(s) at Specified Spacing
    4. Choose 'Sample Features at Fixed Distance Interval'
    5. Choose an appropriate spacing e.g. 30m
    To add elevation to your path from your terrain:
    1. Highlight the layer containing your terrain
    2. Select the path with the Digitizer Tool
    3. Analysis/Measurement > Apply Elevations from Terrain Layers to Selected Feature(s)
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