Texas Land Ownership Information

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I have been tasked with finding land ownership info on Texas. Does anyone know whether such data available for download or is this a purchase only product, if available at all? I can find some information on state lands but data on private holdings seems more elusive.

I found an old (2010) comment in forum which reads

"I work maintaining GIS land ownership data for a Texas County. There is no statewide repository on land ownership data, with the exception of the original Spanish land grants, which are in polygon files you can get from TNRIS. Each county tax appraisal district is responsible for keeping up with the data. Each county keeps the data differently and in different formats, and some outsource the mapping to private companies. Many of the larger counties (Harris, Bexar, Travis, and mine: Collin) give out the GIS data for free download or upon request."

Is more of less right? Would I really have to go to the 254 Texas counties in an effort to compile polygons of ownership?

Thanks for any pointers you can give to a non-US citizen.

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    US LandGrid.com offers this data by Texas County


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    Thanks. This is exactly the info I needed.
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