Exporting Geotiff loaded data only.

DafaDafa Global Mapper UserPosts: 2

I am trying to export a geotiff image loaded data only. 
My source data is a Tif file with TFW file. I use a prj file to load it into global mapper. Than I configure the data to a Geo/WGS 84 file to export it and use for some mapping software where several similar maps need to be glued together. The result is seen In Image 1
I want to get rid of the yellow band around the map. I assume the problem is the exporting setting but I don't find the solution

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,724

    Try putting a check next to Make Background (Void) Pixels Transparent on the GeoTIFF Export Options screen.

  • DafaDafa Global Mapper User Posts: 2
    Ok will do that, thanks Bob
  • Yless4uYless4u Global Mapper User Posts: 1
    Hi, i am having the same issue.  ie I click transparent, however background is in black.  The generated geotiff areas are correct, just the background is black for each tile.  sample screen dump below overlayed on GoogleEarthPro.
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