Global Mapper v25.0

ReClassifing data

Sorry if this is a simple question, but I have an LAS file the comes in unclassified.  After running the Auto-Classify tools I a left with some data that is created, never classified.  I have a road running through that I would like to reclassify.  IS there a way to do that without drawing a polygon?  I can select what I need using the path profile, but I can only see the 9 basic options. I cannot find any other options.

Thanks for your help


  • eddie416
    Answer ✓
    Select the point you would like to reclassify (you can do this in several ways, "select by drawing polygon" tool might be best), then right click with the digitizer and go to EDIT. You can pick which class you would like to classify the points to.
  • Thank you. When I had the points selected I saw the edit feature, but I thought that just changed what I had selected.  I didn't realize it would change my classification.  Thank you