UTM Zone projection (T not N)

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I am trying to set up a projection for Ontario CA.

It uses UTM 18T, I get 18N as the only option.


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    In Global Mapper, specify your projection as UTM with your zone (18N). 
    Then set the Position Display Format to MGRS, in
    Configuration > General > Measure/Units > Position Display Format. 

    Some gory details:

    Note that there are two methods for defining within a UTM zone. 

    Method 1:  N is used to define coordinates north of the equator by measuring in meters from zero towards the north. 
    S is used to define coordinates south of the equator by measuring in meters from zero towards the south and offsetting by adding 10,000,000 so that all values are positive and increase towards the north. 

    Method 2:  Eight-degrees of latitude are used to define sections within each zone and labeled with letters from south to north with "C" to "X" (omitting "I" and "O" to avoid confusing with zero and one), from 80 degrees South to 84 degrees North. 

    So there is potential confusion with sections labeled "S" and "N" since they are valid designations for both methods. 

    If you use UTM, the first method is all that you need.  If you are using the USNG (US National Grid), MGRS (military grid reference system) or any similar grids, then the section letters are used as in the second method.

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