Elevation Grid Export size


I would like to ask about the elevation model export. I would like to export parts of elevation model and noticed this behavior:

Projection: UTM
Grid: 1000 m

1. option
Export Elevation Grid Format -> Current Projection -> input coordinates for 1000x1000m grid (Sample Spacing/Scale 1x1m)
Result: Square of 1000x1000m

2. option
Create feature - square 1000x1000m (coordinated of vertices are the same as above)
Export Elevation Grid Format -> Current Projection -> Crop to selected area feature (Sample Spacing/Scale 1x1m)
Result: Square of 999x999m

It seems like when using the second option, one row and column is missing. Is this the desired behavior?

Thank you very much for your time and help, appreciate it.


  • NatsNats Posts: 19

    Hello Peterdian
    I have the same issue while exporting ( i am observing the Tile to Tile gaps).

    Let's wait til we hear from GM.

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