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Vector Contour Lines Have No Elevation In AutoCAD

ForgeSouth Global Mapper User
Hi all,

I have generated vector contours from my terrain and if I click view in 3D in GlobalMapper everything looks fine. However, when I export Vector to DWF and then import it into AutoCAD, everything is completely flat with zero elevation at all. What is going on here, how can I get the vector lines to have elevation data in them that is recognised by AutoCAD?



  • Just export to DWG to retain the elevations.
  • ForgeSouth
    ForgeSouth Global Mapper User
    It doesn't work. The scale is perfect but there is absolutely no values in the Z axis in AutoCAD, it is just completely flat.

    I've never had this issue before, very confused!
  • I can't replicate your results sorry. Is there any chance you can capture your Contour Generation Options and DWG Export Options so I can compare your settings? Also, have you confirmed that the contours have elevation by selecting a contour with the Feature Info Tool?

    My options are below for comparison:

  • Just sanity checking here. Are you looking for the elevation values under 'Vertex Z' or 'Z' in the Properties because the Z values  will be under 'Elevation'.

  • ForgeSouth
    ForgeSouth Global Mapper User
    Hi SPhillips,

    Sorry for the delay, been travelling. Thanks also for all the guidance! It is much appreciated!

    I actually cracked it with some playing around... it appears I should have given more information here to solve it but I didn't think it would make a difference.

    Here's what I did:

    1. I created a terrain in World Machine (terrain generation tool) and then exported the height-map as an HFZ file
    2. I loaded the height-map in Global Mapper and told it to guess projections (because it is fictional data not real world).
    3. When I imported it, I had to re-project to Mercator, but the planar units had to be in mm in order to get the correct scale (otherwise the scale in meters was something like the size of Jupiter for a 4kmx4km terrain).
    4. I then exported to CAD. The planar scale was perfect, but then there was nothing in the Z axis (even thought there was height in Global Mapper).
    5. Following a LOT of trial and error, I tried to re-project the data with the contour layer loaded, so I changed planar units to meters. It did not change the overall scale of the terrain like it did with import, but, when I exported it to CAD all the Z information was there and the terrain was perfect!
    Thanks again for the help, it is greatly appreciated!!
  • Glad you have it all sorted now.