Crop multiple shapefiles to boundary and export as individual shapefiles

Hi folks,

I wish to crop multiple country-scale shapefiles to an arbitrary regional boundary, and then export the cropped features back out as shapefiles; keeping their existing names. I have many shapefiles to process so performing this task on an individual basis in impractical.

I can crop the shapefiles fine, but when I export them using Batch Convert/Reproject, the 'deleted features' are still included (I guess as GM doesn't actually delete the features). I tried exporting to a GMP file to permanently remove the deleted features but when I run Batch Convert/Reproject command on my GMP it doesn't list the shapefiles or the layer names; even though I can see the layer names and they all have *.shp at the end. It doesn't matter what file type I choose, the loaded files are all named by the GMP file name followed by *.gmp e.g. Clipped shapefile data.gmp.

Does anyone know how to do this without having to resort to doing them out one at a time? Alternatively is there another way to remove deleted features so I can run the Batch Convert/Reproject command?

Any help would be very welcome

Global Mapper v17.2 [64-bit].


  • sphillipssphillips Posts: 114
    I have just figured it out.

    There's a check box within Batch Convert/Reproject option allowing you to 'Crop to Selected Areas'. This means that you do not need to crop the shapefiles first - just select an area feature before running.

    Only one annoying issue though. I have specified the option to 'Use Source File Name' but it appears to append _areas, _lines or _points to the end on my file names.

    Does anyone know if I can switch this option off?

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