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Can GM do what I need? (general questions)

Hi there,
I'm currently evaluating GM for use in visual effects work. I'd like to ask a few questions and see if you good folks can help me figure out how suitable this application will be for my purposes.

My general workflow (or ideal workflow I should say), would be as follows:

- Download DEM data and satellite imagery (happy for this to be an external process).
- Import DEM data into GM and evaluate. I'd like to be able to get info such as real world height values and distances from the DEM.
- Export the DEM as in OBJ format without losing any information from the DEM i.e. a polygon for every pixel in the DEM. I'm happy to export tiles of OBJ's (in fact that may be preferable), as I'm aware that this will be tens of millions of polygons.
- Export associated satellite imagery to match the OBJ(s).
- I would want the OBJ's to tile perfectly again when opened in an external 3D graphics application (Autodesk Maya in this case).

Would GM seem to fit the bill for these requirements? Previously I've had to use something like microdem to turn DEM data into a tiff format, and the use it as a height map in World Machine, or as a geometry displacement map. But I'd really like an easier way that doesn't require any guesswork or complex manual work in terms of terrain scale or recombining geometry tiles.

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to reply and offer up some advice.


  • Any thoughts on this? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
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