How to use WMTS from David Rumsey map service

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Hi. I would like to access some of the geo-referenced maps provided by David Rumsey,, a great resource for historical maps. The first map I tried provided a WMTS URL,

(This particular map is at

My first problem is that the Global Mapper help interface does not provide useful search results about WMTS. So I guessed that I should select Connect to Online Data and press the Add New Source button. There, I selected WMTS and entered the URL. I pressed the Get List of Available Data Layers button and received the following error message:

Some data may be missing.
expected end of tag 'meta'

Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks.


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    I'm taking a look at this. I can reproduce what you are seeing in Global Mapper. What is odd is that when I open your URL above in a web browser I get back the expected WMTS XML GetCapabilities information. When I try and pull the same URL in Global Mapper however I get back a web page that starts off like below:

    Images to interactive maps

    Georeferencer is an online tool that assigns
    geographical location to any image.

    Home banner georeferencer

    How does it work?


    1. Upload


    It's almost like the server is responding differently based on who is asking. Is that something that may be happening?

    If not, I'm going to keep investigating with a packet sniffer to see if there is something I am missing.


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    I took a look and found that the map server provided the correct response only if the parameters were in the exact order originally specified. Global Mapper was parsing and re-ordering the parameters, which in theory should have no effect but in this case does.

    I have updated GM to keep any explicit parameters in the original order, then adding any additional ones (if any) to the end. This fixes the problems. I have placed a new build with the fix at for you to try.


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  • It works !

    Select WMTS

    Server URL

    Service Name key=srAaWmpJRiaUfNeRQyGg&SERVICE=WMTS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities

    Get List of Available Data Layers  - Gettysburg
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