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Sentinel - Copernicus Satellite Imagery in GM

Has anyone utilized Sentinel -Copernicus  satellite imagery from Europeans Space Association in GM????  

There are updated images every few days for almost everywhere on the planet (I believe), but I haven't been able to utilize the data at all.  Problems are:  format, uv and other bands outside of visible spectrum, huge file sizes of 4gb, giant surface areas larger than needed.  

I am wondering if there is a way to load a bounded section directly into GM, rather than downloading entire large files.  
Also, please advise on how different color bands are utilized in your applications.  

I would like to have a way to select which files, dates, and have GM filter, constrain, to my bounds, and load.  


  • geoltech
    geoltech Global Mapper User
    I've been using the SNAP desktop or the GeoSage processor, to create images and then bring them into GM.
    For a bounded area the simplest answer might be to use the Sentinel2Look website.
    You can zoom in on your area of interest then export a Geotiff of the screen image,  
    Also, I have been using its sister LandsatLook to export Landsat8 Geotiffs of my area then display them in GM.

    An example of a Sentinel 2 image processed by Geosage and the clipped image from the Sentinel2Look website.
    I used images from separate dates to exaggerate the different areas.

  • geoltech
    geoltech Global Mapper User
    FYI the big city is Mosul, Iraq.
  • Interesting.  Thank you for commenting. 
    I expected resolution superior to Google Earth but what images I am seeing are not at all crisp.  

    Do you cycle through pictures from various dates to obtain a better choice?  
    What type of resolution are you able to obtain for zooming in on selected sites?   

  • Do you work only with visible bands or also with other multispectral bands of the images?