Exporting Google/Bing map tiles does not anti-alias at all?

I'm exporting Google or Bing maps tiles from very high quality GeoTIFF data using File>Export>Export Web Format... The projections don't match but it appears to be being re-projected correctly as part of the export process.

The exported tiles I get are not anti-aliased - see below; the "nice" parts are standard Google Maps data and the dotty parts are my generated tiles over the top. I've produced tiles between zoom levels 4 and 19 and it happens at all levels.

I've found a couple of anti-aliasing/interpolation options in the configuration menu and turned them on but neither made a difference.

I also found this post from 2009 which seemed to have the opposite problem at some zoom levels - hope this wasn't "broken" to fix his issue? (as these results aren't really usable for any purpose)  :#

All my tests so far have been using jpg tiles and png's for the edges needing transparency.

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