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XYZ rectification of JPG

I have a JPG that I don't want to drape over surface by rectification, rather I want to insert it vertically.   

Is there a workflow you can think of to accomplish this?  Alternately, is there a workflow to create 3D polylines from the strata displayed below (after which I can create elevation grid)?  


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  • sphillips
    Accepted Answer
    I'm not saying this is the best answer or even practical, but you could digitise the lines and then position the line features in the real world afterwards.

    First bring in image and scale it correctly. I'm not 100% sure how to scale it correctly if I'm honest!

    Digitise the lines ensuring you have a line to represent the entire width of the section (for later) then export to Simple ASCII (XYX Text file).

    Switch the Y and Z columns in Excel, then bring back in so that the orientation is correct with regards to Z. See below.

    Create a line feature for the physical location of the section using any XY references you have.

    Then use SHIFT or MOVE followed by ROTATE to position the lines so they match you reference line.

    Note: As you can see in the image, you will have a problem creating an elevation grid with one of the lines as it overhangs itself.


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