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Crop to Selected Area Feature - why could work opposite?

I'm exporting Google Maps Tiles from GeoTiff. Usually have no problem. Now I have map, which after three probes was exported area outside selected area, instead inside. So I have a frame, without content...
What could be the reason?

I noticed, that map contained both Western and Eastern hemisphere (contain 180 long ~ 170E-170W), and after opening .htm file, browser is starting at 0 long, so also opposite the glob. 

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  • Mykle
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    I can get this to work, more or less, by using the cropping tab on the Raster Options dialog. 
    Using manual values, I specified S, W, and E

    For the Western Aleutians East sheet: S= 51, W= -180, E= -173
    Then export to Google Maps Tiles.  (I used zoom level 10 for this test)

    Turn this layer off.
    Reload the Western Aleutians East sheet and use: S= 51, W= 178, E= 180 (no minus signs)
    Load the Western Aleutians West sheet and use: S= 51, W= 169.5, E= 178 (no minus signs)
    Then export to Google Maps Tiles. (I used zoom level 10 for this test)

    Keep the export files separate, at least until you see that they work as exported.
    Then you can play with copying the zoom level folders from both sets into a third set.
    Copy one of the HTM and XML pairs of files to your third set. 
    Edit the XML file to change the east and west bounds to include both. 
    While I was not able to display a combined file, I didn't play with it for long. 

    Google can display across the 180E/-180W boundary without complaint, but that doesn't mean that your Google Tiles display will be handled correctly. 

    Global Mapper has interesting behaviors when you try to work across that boundary.  At least it works if you use two sets, one for each side. 

    Have fun!


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