Global Mapper v25.0

JPEGs with EXIF data not referencing their location


Trying to load in a bunch of JPEGs with coordinates in the EXIF data but when they are brought in it all goes to the same point. 
The option for JPEG: Use EXIF data is checked.

Thinking it might be something simple. 
Just updated to v18.1


  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    I have never had this problem. Is the EXIF data correct for each image or is there perhaps an issue with the camera? Can you maybe post a couple of test images?
  • Hi Guys, I have the same problem - I have GeoTagged photos, which were positioned correctly in v 17, but going in one place in new one - 18.1. It looks like the software is reading metadata incorectly, how can I fix it, need that to work urgently! By the way I am using same gmw file.

    As you can see on the picture - thousands of photographs in 2 locations, and all on the same coordinates, all are geotagged and were working in v 17.

    1.JPG 166.8K
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    This is a known issue that has been resolved. The fix is available in GM 18.1 daily builds.  Simply download the appropriate installer and run it to install the latest build.