Exporting LiDAR data with proper header information

MapperDanMapperDan Posts: 2Banned User

When exporting an LAS file from global mapper the .LAS files do not have the correct header information and instead display "Cartesian" as the coordinate system when brought into other software, instead of its actual system (state plane). How do I force Global Mapper to export the .LAS files with the header information that it is being projected into? Any help is appreciated.




  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 442Trusted User
    Unless I have plucked this note out of context, this may provide a workaround:
    "Optionally, an individual LAS file's spatial reference can be overwritten by creating a projection file (*.prj) with the same name that resides in the same directory as the LAS file."
    That is probably dependent upon the program that reads the LAS file.  Note that Global Mapper can export a PRJ file, or you could use another PRJ file that has the proper information (it is a simple text file that specifies the projection details).  A PRJ file is not dependent upon the data file. 
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