Include the NIR band when exporting LAS?

I'm trying to script out coloring our 1.4 version *.las files on our RGBir *.tif files. This works when applying the color in the workspace, as I am asked if I want to include the NIR band as well as the RGB values, so I get a *.las file with RGBiR on it.

The only command I can find for scripting is INC_COLOR=YES when exporting the *.las files, but that doesn't seem to include the NIR band... how can I script out color processing that includes the near infrared?

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  • TiannaTianna Posts: 2
    Blue Marble is working on it. :)  Currently there is no option to INC_COLOR=YES that includes the IR band, but they're going to try and fix that.  Yay. Thanks Jeffrey for the quick repsonse.

    For now I will do it by hand via the workspace.

    Ps, this doesn't work for *.las < version 1.4, in case you try it for yourself.
  • eddie416eddie416 Posts: 39
    Any update on this? I'm trying to do the same thing via scripting
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