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Global Mapper v9.00 Available - Adds Digital Globe Access

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Global Mapper Software LLC is pleased to announce the availability of Global Mapper v9.00 at . Just download that file and run it to install v9.00.

Numerous significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to Global Mapper for this release. The most significant changes are described below:

- Added direct access to high resolution Digital Globe, GlobeXplorer, and AirPhotoUSA imagery for the entire world through the File->Download Online Imagery menu command. Free access is provided to watermarked imagery for reference only, with access to un-watermarked imagery that can be exported to new files can be purchased.
- Added support for exporting ECW files of unlimited size. Previously there was a limit of 500 MB of uncompressed data for ECW exports.
- Added support for exporting loaded data to JPEG2000 format files.
- Added support for exporting loaded raster/elevation data to KML/KMZ file for display in Google Earth (use File->Export Raster and Elevation Data->Export KML/KMZ menu command).
- Added ability to make area features partially transparent.
- Added new File->Combine Terrains menu command to allow combining loaded terrain layers with a variety of operations, including differencing terrains, averaging terrains, and using the min and/or max from two terrains.
- Added support for exporting loaded gridded elevation data to DTED format files.
- Added support for exporting loaded gridded elevation data and 3D vector data (including LIDAR point clouds) to LIDAR .LAS format files.
- Added option to view shed calculation to generate area features for the covered areas. These generated area features could then be exported to vector formats like Shapefiles.
- Added option for loading DMDF, Windows EMF, PCX, Arc Point Vector Coverages, and Erdas .lan format files.

All of the other numerous changes are listed in the What's New document that is displayed during installation.

Pricing for Global Mapper v9.00 is $299 US for a new single license, $269 US per license for 2-19 licenses, and $229 US per license for 20 or more licenses. Users with licenses for Global Mapper v8.xx can purchase an upgrade to v9.00 for only $99 US per license. Site license pricing is also available on request. As always, upgrades and new licenses can be purchased from the Purchase page at

Let me know if you any problems or questions.


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    Thanks Mike!

    Just wanted to add, that if you use the download links as found on the homepage of and register here in the forum you can receive an additional 5% off any purchase (including upgrade and full versions) and 10% for 10 or more copies!