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RkoseiRkosei GM UserPosts: 21Trusted User
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Hello Friends:

Please I would like to find out if there is an option to select a paticular overlay of the same type? I want to hide some but it looks like you can format itto arrange alphabetically/numerically. Should an enhancement be made or there is a way arround it. Your comments are well appreciated.

Thank you


  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 452Trusted User
    Do you want to do something different than "group" several layers together?
    These maps were individually loaded, then selected and "grouped".

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  • RkoseiRkosei GM User Posts: 21Trusted User
  • RkoseiRkosei GM User Posts: 21Trusted User
    Rkosei said:

    I want to do something like that.

  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 452Trusted User
    In the Overlay Control Center, select a set of layers, then right click and use "Group.- Set Group to Assign to Selected Layer(s)". 

    It looks like this option has been available since version 12, with additional capability added in later versions. 

  • RkoseiRkosei GM User Posts: 21Trusted User

    Thank you Mykle for your quick response.

    Currently I am dealing with 1000's of overlays (DXF files). So I was expecting a button that will instantly arrange all the file types in groups instead of randomly picking the one after the other. Is there something like that in the newer versions?

    Thank you

  • MykleMykle Global Mapper User Posts: 452Trusted User
    As far as I know, Global Mapper does not select layers/files by file type, although that is an interesting idea.  

    There are several methods that you may find useful for organizing your files, whether within Global Mapper, or within several instances of Global Mapper, or by using other programs.  

    Within Global Mapper, you need to be able to select (highlight, not just make the files visible) the layers/files that will be assigned to a group.  When all of your files are loaded, then normal selection methods are useful (I'm using v18, so the methods may differ with the earlier OCC design).  Select all loaded files by using ctrl-A (possibly needing to click on one file then use ctrl-A).  Or, click on one file, then shift-click on another and the two files and all files in between are selected.  Or, ctrl-click on individual files.  Then you can right-click and define the group.  

    If your files have not yet been loaded, you can group your files into sets (by the names of files or by folders).  Load a set of files, select them, define a group, then save a workspace file.  The workspace file is plain text, so you can see the LAYER_GROUP definition for each file.  

    I will frequently open a separate instance of Global Mapper to organize and/or configure groups of files.  The results can be saved by exporting a single file for later use with different projects.  Or, the results can be saved as a workspace file from which file settings can be copied to a project workspace file and then loaded into GM.  

    You could use a text editor to create an entry for each of your files and groups.  The workspace file is a script, so opening the workspace file in Global Mapper will load all of the files.  

    You may be able to construct a separate script file for each group, with a program loop that will load all the appropriate files.  Again, use a workspace file as a guide to creating the structure of script files.  

    I have not played with Map Catalogs.  This structure may be useful, perhaps one per group.  The files are defined within the group, but are not loaded until the bounds of your current display require them to be loaded. 

  • RkoseiRkosei GM User Posts: 21Trusted User
    Thank you for the reponse let me try this and get back to you.
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