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How can I import a modified GeoTiff as elevation data?

basilbowmanbasilbowman Global Mapper UserPosts: 10
I've got some LIDAR data that I built an elevation grid out of, then exported it to a GeoTiff that I stripped the geoferencing out of so that I could smooth it in QGIS.  I reapplied the georeferencing and it's positioning correctly, but it's loading as an image, and I need it to be as another elevation grid so that I can drape aerials on it.  How do I create an elevation grid from a GeoTiff?

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,300
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    How many bands does the smoothed GeoTIFF exported by QGIS have?  If it has one band, Global Mapper should prompt you to indicate whether the data is an elevation grid or image.  If it has multiple, then it sounds like you need to get QGIS to export an elevation grid instead of an image.



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