Global Mapper v25.0

How to export VOLUME Measurements to new features

Dear all,

I have recently started exploring the capabilities of Global Mapper, particularly with respect to volume calculations.

I have succesfully figured out how to create new polygon features and calculate the cut-and-fill volume thereof through the digitizer tool and volume analysis.

For reporting purposes I would like to either export the created features (shapefiles) including the volume measurements, OR to create new features provided with the cut and fill volumes.

It states in the manual: "After viewing the reported volumes, you have the option to save a new feature with the measurement values."

BUT, how does one go about that? All I see is the option to export a CSV file with measurement values. But that does not export any geometry or location details. What I need is to export real geometrical features (preferably in shapefile format), aligning with the features that I created for defining the volume boundaries, provided with the cut-and-fill volumes in its attribute columns.

Your help is much appreciated!