Tiling PDF Export along a corridor path rather than area grid

ZackWassonZackWasson Posts: 1Banned User
Very new to GM, so please excuse me if this is an obvious one but I can't find any online resources to answer the question.

I've prepared a aerial orthophoto, DEM and contours for about 11km of road corridor. The data set is relatively narrow - perhaps a 100m swathe. I want to export a set of PDF maps, each covering about 1km of road. See attached image for approximate boundary of each map sheet.... is there a way to do this? It seems I can only export to a grid pattern orientated to true north...

Thanks in advance.



  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,710
    Hello Zack,

    You can try selecting the area features that represent your boundaries, then do your export.  On the PDF Export Options | Tiling tab under Tile Layout, choose the option to Use Selected Area Feature(s) for  Tiles.


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