Global Mapper v25.0

Troubles adjusting label position relative to point feature

landryg Global Mapper User
I am editing points to display the label other than centered on a point. In vector options-->select label font-->label position relative to point features; I am trying to show the point feature at top, bottom, top right, anything but center. Yet when I select apply the label position will not change. 
Am I missing a step? I am using version 14. 


  • geoltech
    geoltech Global Mapper User
    If you have previously made changes to the label position in the Options category rather than the Edit Features category the changes won't apply.  As well if you have selected more than one point and they already have different label positions it may not let you globally change the positions.  The other reason could be that you have specified labels based on an attribute.  To change those you have to be in the Options category and choose the attribute that applies to your label and edit it.