V18.1 Latitude shift when importing CSV/TXT files

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Good morning.  I upgraded to 18.1 part way through a project where I was importing tracks stored in CSV files,  Lat, long, altitude.  Coordinates are format N DD MM.mm, etc.  These are files that I use daily and imported fine under V17 and V18.0.  For some reason, under 18.1 the import dialogue has changed, planar units no longer offer Arc Seconds/degrees, so I select the closest thing I can find, either nautical miles or feet.  When the track shows up, longitude is correct, but latitude is shifted, for example a point N50.02.00 W120.05.00 gets imported as N00 50.02 W 120 05.00.  I tried to work around this for an hour or two, gave up, reinstalled V18.0 and things are working normally again just to meet my deadline.  Is  there a new process for importing txt files?


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    Hi John,
    I am able to import a csv file using decimal degrees or decimal minutes with default settings without problems, and I'm not seeing a different dialog.

    I'm using v18.1 b022117

    "CSV" can mean a variety of formats.  My files are plain text, comma delimited:
    latitude, longitude, elev_gps, line
    N 31 47.748, W 110 36.046, 1341.1, 1
    latitude, longitude, elev_gps, line
    31.795792, -110.600772, 1341.1, 1
    I'm importing these files with Geographic projection, NAD83.

    And, I'm simply dragging the file onto the GM window to get the process started.  I also frequently use files like this, perhaps tab delimited, perhaps named TXT. 

    What are you doing that is different from this?  Do we need to look at part of a file of yours, or is it more of a procedural difference?

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    Thanks for responding Mykle.  I can send you a file if  you wish and screen shots of the steps, but it will likely be next week, as I have to install 18.1 again to try that out.  No issues of any kind, same file and process, with 18.0.3

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