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Global mapper opening with mercator projection

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Hello, I come to you for a small question
I have a lot of French IG card and when I open my file Catalogue.gmc on Global Mapper it put me the projection in geographic by default it distorts my map (see photo) it stretches it and after when I go in The parameters I put mercator it distorts me more the map (see photo)
How to make that when I open global mapper it can put me on mercator directly
It is in the parameters of the software that you must change or you must change a text in the .gmc file
In thanking you
File Catalogue.gmc


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    The projection in the catalog is based on the projection of the files it contains, so that suggests that at least one file has a geographic projection.  If you want your data displayed in Mercator, the best bet is to open your map catalog, use the Configuration dialog to change the projection (as you have done), an save a workspace.  Then, when you want to use this data, load the workspace.

    If you want someone to look at the catalog file, please put it in a zip archive, and attach it in a post.  That link keeps trying to install browser extensions, and does not seem reliable.

  • Hello, thank you very much for your quick reply
    I have loaded the catalog file if you can enlighten me
    Thank you

  • It is good I found about it further resolved thank you

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