Adding more than 1 point makes workspace zoom out; Simpler “Quick Point Creator”?

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When using “Quick Point Creator” or ”Create Point / Text Feature”, I am usually zoomed into an area, adding points. First point creation is fine, but adding any points thereafter makes the map zoom back to “full view” instead of staying zoomed in.  Is there any way to prevent this auto-zoom from happening? Very frustrating, as I keep losing my place, and have to zoom back into where I was working.

I would also like to know if there is a simpler way to move between different “Quick Point Creator” points?  In the attached example, I'd like to be able to move between 1, 2 or 3 points quickly, without having the "Modify Info" window come up (and having to hit OK) each time I place a point. Just click the one I want, place the point, move on, changing the point type (1, 2, 3) when needed. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

V18 (latest build)

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    I am not seeing the zooming out behavior when adding points.  What kind of data do you have loaded?

    At the bottom of the Modify Feature Info dialog, there is a check box that says, "Automatically apply these settings to new features of the same type".  If you check this box, all subsequent points will use the same point style, layer, attributes, etc., that you have set up in the dialog.

    To change the point style, you will need to right-click and choose Options | Feature Creation Options..., then clear the settings under Auto-Create Features.  Then you can pick a new style from the Quick Point Creator and click on the map to create a new point.

    Unfortunately, changing the point style is not as easy as simply clicking a different point in the Quick Point Creator.  



  • SwoodySwoody Global Mapper User Posts: 97Trusted User

    I have 500 placemarks and about 329 lines loaded.  I am trying to add points along the line. What's  odd is I am trying to recreate the problem today, and it does not zoom out. Not sure what the difference is??  But glad it's no longer doing that. 

    Thank you!
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