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Hi Guys,

I am trying to load up a SOSI (.sos) file using both GM v15 and v18, in both cases it reports the following: 'No data could be loaded from the file xxx.sos' now I guess the file could be corrupt, but it has come from a reasonable source. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Tim

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  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 1,715
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    Hello Tim,

    It sounds like the file is malformed in some way, or contains a variant of the data that Global Mapper does not support. Do you have a smaller file that produces the same result?

    I recommend that you send a description of your workflow and results, along with your file to Blue Marble Geographics Support (  This will ensure that the support team knows about the problem, and will expedite a solution.  Given that your file is quite large, you can upload it using FTP or Dropbox.  The support folks can provide the details.  Thank you.

  • AAGH1AAGH1 Posts: 1
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    The problem is that global mapper doesn't properly support sosi files with UTF-8 character set.

    You can solve it manually by saving it as ANSI or ISO8859-10.

    Remember to also change the ..TEGNSETT attribute accordingly.

    UTF-8 is the standard for sosi files now, so it would be great if that and the other reported sosi issues could be fixed..


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